Jul-Dec 2013 Adopted Dogs

Adopted 7/20/13 Jax is a handsome Pyrenees/Shepherd mix. His family is so pleased to have him, here is what they have said...."He has begun to accept belly rubs tonight and is now napping. So far everything has been great. I never expected tonight to be so smooth! Thank you.... We wouldn't be able to start a great adventure without your kindness."
Adopted 7/15/13 Peaches is a sweet Pyrenees/Shepherd mix. She is happy in her forever home with a new big sister to follow around.
Adopted 7/24/13 Aurora (formerly known as Opal) is a quiet and loving Pyrenees/Shepherd mix. She was adopted by her foster family, they couldn't imagine being without her. She fit right in and made her place. Aurora is as sweet as they come.
Adopted 7/27/13 Hazel Grace is a beautiful Pyrenees/Shepherd mix. She loves her family and has a big sister to show her the ropes on the farm! Hazel Grace is a well adjusted and very happy girl.

Adopted 8/8/13 Mr. Beans is a 7yr old young Saint Bernard. He is a big goofy boy who doesn't know his size and just wants love and affection. He has done well with children and other dogs.

He is making his way with the new family. He has a few boundaries to learn and to remembe he can't sit on the kitten or kids! He does sit when it's time to put on his leash and he doesn't crowd the door when they come home. He is very patient to wait for his attention.

Adopted 8/10/13 Mr. Wiggles is a 1 1/2 yr old Pyrenees boy. He is on the small size and only has three legs. He was hit by a vehicle and the leg healed in a way that could not be repaired. He doesn't seem to even notice the leg is not there, is very playful and has never met a stranger. After one day of fostering, the family decided Wiggles was meant to be with them. He is a sweet soul and an amazingly happy boy.
Adopted 8/24/13 Rhine (formerly known as Spector) is a Pyrenees/Shepherd mix boy. He was extremely timid and shy and is slowly learning to trust others. He is doing great with his family and is really coming out of his shell with them.
Adopted 8/30/13 Mauser is a Presa mix boy. He is a very energetic puppy. He needs an active family that is going to wear him out! He is doing great in his new home.
Adopted 9/1/13 Sonny is a beautiful Great Dane boy who came to us severely emaciated. He has put on a good amount of weight while with us and is loving his new home. He has a huge yard to run and a wonderful momma to follow around all day. Sonny is an amazing boy who has come through a lot. He has never shown any signs of ever having been mistreated even though we know he was neglected. He will love on anyone who will give him the time and he will sit in your lap if you let him!
Adopted 9/7/13 Momma Madison- such an amazing girl. She is an 8 yr old Blue Merle Great Dane. She loves life, still has a pep in her step and loves attention. Madison (left) was extremely overweight when she came to us, she is now a lean mean Great Dane machine (right). She will romp in the yard with the other dogs and loves time with her people. She may be a senior but she will surprise you with her energy and sweet personality.
Adopted 9/13/13 Wiley- a 9 month old Pyrenees/Shepherd mix. Such a sweet and timid boy who found a boy of his own to love him and take wonderful care of him. Wiley is doing great in his new home and going to the beach as well as playing with his cat siblings. You couldn't meet a sweeter boy than Wiley.
Adopted 9/14/13 Pepper- a 9 month old Pyrenees/Shepherd mix. Pepper lives up to her name, she is full of spice for life. She is an active girl who loves to play and give you a run for your money! She is absolutely beautiful and sweet. Her family adores her and she has siblings to keep her busy.
Adopted 9/14/13 Izzy- Harlequin Great Dane who is approximately 3-4  yrs old.  She had a rough start in life but is now living well with a family who loves her. Izzy adores her new brother and loves to snuggle with her momma and daddy.
Adopted 9/14/13 Meri- Harlequin Great Dane who is approximately 3-4  yrs old.  Meri was a breeder girl who was then living with a loving family. Meri came to us a well balanced girl who was very loved. She fit in well in just about any setting and is now loving her new life with her big brother.
Adopted 10/1/13 Patch- Is a 4 yr old Great Dane. He gets his name for the one patch of white on his neck. He is a very sweet and loving boy. His favorite past time is following his family around, giving kisses, and snuggling. He is doing great with his new family and very loved.
Adopted 10/26/13 Alek- a 3 yr old Great Pyrenees. He is such a beautiful and loving boy. Alek was very scared and timid when he came to us, but now he is living on a farm with two siblings and lots of other animals to learn about. He is settling in very well and loving his new life.
Adopted 10/26/13 Major- a 19month Cane Corso boy. He is amazingly sweet and came to us absolutely terrified. He now follows his "little" sister around. He absolutely adores his family and is blossoming into a very LAZY and sweet boy! Major is a character and will just bring a smile to anyone's face.
Adopted 11/13/13 Zeus (Tank)- Zeus is an 8 month old Dane/Mastiff mix. He is on the small side and is a very active boy. Zeus is a big love bug who loves kisses and is doing great with his new family and big brother.
Adopted 11/16/13 Koko- Koko is a 2 yr old Saint girl. She is on the small side but you couldn't ask for a better behaved girl. Koko loves to have her face/ears rubbed and is now with a big family. She has lots of kids to give her loving and a very sweet mommy and daddy.
Adopted 11/16/13 Charlie- Charlie is a sweet 4 yr old mastiff mix boy. He is very protective of his family and lovable. He loves to snuggle and get attention. Charlie is on the small side, but he is just an amazing and handsome boy. His momma is really happy to have him.
Adopted 11/17/13 Eli-Eli is a 3 yr old Mastiff. He is such a quiet boy with quite the personality. Just sit on the floor with him and he will be your best bud. Eli's foster family love him so much they just couldn't see him go. He is now part of their family and loves them to pieces.
Adopted 11/23/13 Preston- Preston is a 4 yr old male Catahoula. He is a very smart dog, loves to play frisbee with his people and is a happy boy. Preston is very lovable and his family say he is such a good boy.
Adopted 12/7/13 -Mia is a 1 yr old Mastiff mix girl who is still very much all puppy.  Mia is an energetic and sweet girl. She is doing great in her new home and is loved. She has kids to keep her busy and a Mom and Dad to help her learn good obedience.
Adopted 12/12/13 - Jacki (formerly known as Jasmine) is a 2 yr old Great Dane. Such a sweet and quiet girl. She is very playful and loves to run. Jacki is now living in TX with her family and has kids to keep her busy. Her momma takes her for walks and playdates with other dogs.