Jul-Dec 2014 Adopted Dogs

Adopted 7/1/14 Lilly is an amazingly sweet Great Dane girl. Her and new Kitty brother Mikey are the light of their momma's life. Lilly couldn't be more comfortable and happy in her new forever home.

Adopted 7/6/14 Titus (Formerly known as Baja) is a 6 month old Cane Corso. He is loving life in his new home. He has an active family who takes him everywhere and he is learning to trust people more and more everyday. Titus is so loved the family fight over who gets to take him each day!!! He is definitely on his way to a busy and amazing life.

Adopted 7/12/14 Jack (Formerly known as Django) is a 1 yr old Dane/lab mix. He is an energetic boy and likes to get into all kinds of things. His momma is amazingly patient with him and training him. Jack loves his two furr-brothers and all his foster friends that come in. Jack is a good boy with lots of love to give. He definitely has the right momma and daddy to give him all he needs!

Adopted 7/13/14 Lucas - a 6 month old Mastiff mix puppy. He came to us with a severely broken leg. There was no way to fix the leg, so we had it amputated at the recommendation of the vet. Lucas didn't care in the least. He has a wonderfully sweet older sister and he is learning the ropes from her. He is a happy and growing boy.

Adopted 7/26/14 Duke is a 1 yr old mastiff boy who is just as sweet as can be. He loves attention and gets along with other dogs. He is a perfect match with his new family and they said "Duke is exactly the kind of dog they were looking for"

Adopted 7/30/14 Karma is a sweet 2 1/2 yr old Great Dane. She is an amazing girl and just needed a family who would be patient and teach her some good leash manners. She loves to snuggle and is really interested in her new Bearded Dragon brother!

Adopted 8/8/14 Teddy "aka Lil-Bear" is a mastiff mix puppy. He is about 12 weeks old and just a ham. He loves to give kisses and is the fluffiest silly  boy. His family is completely in love with him and he is happy all the time.

Adopted 8/9/14 Chief is an amazingly stellar English bulldog/mastiff mix boy. He is appx 2yrs old and already suffers from arthritis. He never shows that he is in pain and never complains when getting laser treatments to help relieve the pain. He is just lovable and sweet. Chief's family is just as amazing and love him to pieces.

Adopted 8/9/14 Sal is a 1yr old Blue Neopolitan Mastiff. He is super sweet and just a big goofy boy. His family says that "he is the perfect puppy" and love him tremendously.

Adopted 8/16/14 Yoda is a 4 yr old Tawny Neopolitan Mastiff. He is a great boy who has loads of personality. Yoda is vision impaired but it doesn't phase him a bit. Yoda loves to rub his big slobbery "goosler" on you and share his drool. He plays with the face towels when you try to wipe his face and he loves to show you all of his favorite toys.

Adopted 8/11/14 Abby Cadabby aka "Gabby" is a 2 yr old Blue Great Dane. Abby is so sweet and loves her momma and sister to bits. She follows them everywhere. Abby was so timid when she came to us but has really come out of her shell, her skin is looking so much better (allergies) and she is starting to put on some much needed weight.

Adopted 9/6/14 Zeus is a 9 yr old English Mastiff. He is just the sweetest boy and loves his new family. He goes on daily walks and enjoys the company of 2 big sisters and a little brother!

Adopted 9/14/14 Esma is a 6 yr old Great Dane. She is so sweet she won over her new family. They came to the adoption event looking for a small baby and they fell head over heals for Esma. She showed them that bigger really is better!

Adopted 9/21/14 Fonzy is a 7 yr old English Mastiff. Handsome, drooly, and big! His momma has a beautiful farm and he gets to be the ONLY boy! He is happy and playful. Loves following his mom and sister Luna around the farm.

Adopted 9/21/14 Luna is a 7 yr old Daniff (Dane/Mastiff mix). She is so amazingly sweet and very playful. She has the pleasure of living the rest of her days with her brother Fonzy on a beautiful farm with 3 Bassett Hound sisters.

Adopted 9/21/14 Kaylee is a 2 1/2 yr old Great Dane. She is so sweet and playful. Kaylee is a bit stubborn as well. Her family has been working with her and she loves to snuggle with her sisters and brothers on the couch. She is spoiled and loving life.

Adopted 9/28/14 Zena is an appx 10 month old Dane puppy. She was definitely more confident than her sister Athena, but she was still afraid of new things. Zena has really grown emotionally and physically and is a blossoming into a beautiful girl.

Adopted 10/12/14 Athena is an appx 10 month old Dane puppy. She came to us afraid of her own shadow but she slowly came to trust. Her forever family are very committed to continuing her socialization and building her confidence.

Adopted 11/18/14 Roxie is a 5 yr old Dane/Shep mix. She has to be one the most amazingly sweet girls we have ever had in rescue. She was so easy to have around and just a pure love bug. Her new family are so happy to have a snuggly girl and she gets to play with her golden brother as well.

Adopted 11/23/14 Millie is a 1 yr old Saint Bernard girl. She is so happy all of the time and wagging her tail. She play bows at every dog she meets and loves to snuggle. Millie enjoys dog toys and is a sweet girl.

Adopted 11/22/14 Rocky is a 1 yr old Shar Pei/Mastiff mix. He came to us so timid, shy and really confused. His foster momma was super patient with him and his new family is the same. They have helped him come out of his shell and he is now a happy boy. He still has some socializing to be done but he gets better every day and his family just adore him. (as do we!)

Adopted 11/7/14 Maisy is a 1 yr old Dane girl. She is a super cuddler and a goofy girl. She loves to play and is now living with 2 older sisters and brother. She loves to romp around with her boxer brother. She is as sweet as can be and a happy girl.

Adopted 11/8/14 Moose (aka Thor) is a 10 month old Dane boy. He is a super goof and playful boy. Thor also likes to snuggle and lay around with his kitty sister. His momma says he is the best boy ever.

Adopted 11/7/14 Winston a 4 yr old Dane/Anatolian Shep mix. He is such a sweet and loving boy. He loves to play and is just an all around amazing boy. His family have worked on his leash training and obedience. He loves to go for walks with them and snuggle with his little furry brother. Winston also does the happy dance when his human sister comes home from colleg.

Adopted 12/14/14 Brutus is a 4 month old Cane Corso puppy. He is all energy all the time and full of himself. He is working on his manners, jumping up, and play biting. His family has already signed him up for obedience training to start in January.

Adopted 11/26/14 Spike is a 3 yr old Saint. He is a big boy and goofy. He is not always a good listener, but his family is working with him on that. Spike is happy to have a new fur-sister and fur-brother to romp and play with. He also loves his little non furry sister.

Adopted 11/29/14 Stitch is a 4 yr old Great Dane. He isn't just a handsome face, he has the personality to go with it. Stitch is great off leash and loves to play fetch. His new family was unsure about adopting an adult Dane, vs a puppy however, they fell in love with Stitch right away. He is a great boy and has many years to fill their home with love.

Adopted 12/7/14 Dea is a 5 yr old Boerboel. She is such a sweetheart and loves to snuggle. She likes to rub her face on yours for attention. Her family couldn't wait for a big mastiff to come along and fill their home. They couldn't be happier with Dea and her loving ways.

Adopted 12/11/14 Logan is a 1 yr old Lab/Dane mix. He is a very well behaved boy and loves children. He does great with other dogs and cats. Logan has the energy to keep up with you but also willing to just chill at home.

Adopted 12/20/14 Marmaduke is a 4 yr old Great Dane. He has been bounced around a bit and has had it rough, but now he is an only dog. He has just his momma and daddy to be with. He gets to hang out with his dad in the shed fixing things and just hang around home.

Adopted 12/22/14 Dixie is an 8 month old Great Dane. She is a petite girl who has not had the best start to life. Her family is very committed to working with her and her issues. She is already meeting with a trainer and taking steps to make Dixie a happy and confident girl.