Jan-Jun 2013 Adopted Dogs

Adopted 1/25/13 Ariel is a Cane Corso puppy. She is full of life and energy. Ariel is a sweet girl but is in desperate need of training. She tries to be dominant and needs a strong family to remind her that she is not the boss.

Adopted 2/2/13 Solomon is a 1 yr old Great Dane. He is super sweet, loves people, great with other dogs and just an amazing boy. He is a great dog park boy.

Adopted 2/8/13 Ryder is a 1 yr old Mastiff boy. He is super sweet and still puppy at heart. Ryder likes to be busy and gets along with other dogs as well as doesn't mind the cats.

Adopted 2/9/13 Marmaduke is a 2-3 yr old Fawn Great Dane. He is a wonderful boy but a little man shy. He is doing great in his new home and here is what his momma has to say about Marmaduke. "He brings a smile to my face everyday! He has adjusted very well to his new home, he is deffinately a mamas boy! follows me everywhere. Ive learned not to leave food on the counters, as it will disappear! Last nite he helped himself to some homemade cookies! oh yum...... but hes a great boy and we are very happy to have him in the family now, hes such a joy and i cant love on him enough! Thank you so much, if it was'nt for good people like you I would not of found my dear sweet Marmaduke.! : )"

Adopted 2/16/13 Eli -(aka Rockey)- is a 1 yr old Great Dane. He loves to be with his people, is good with other dogs, and just an all around big baby. Eli now has 3 new sisters, a greyhound and 2 Italian greyhounds to play with and even though they are smaller than him, he is so gentle with them.

Adopted 3/8/13  Diesel- a 1 yr old Great Dane. He has allergies and is on a bi-weekly allergy injection. He is so very sweet, loves little dogs, but is easily intimidated by bigger dogs.

His family is very pleased with him, thinks he is a silly boy and loves waking up seeing Diesel resting close by.

Adopted 3/11/13 Charlie is a Mastiff mix, on the smaller side, but his family doesn't care. He is now the brother to Sterling a giant adopted from GHGDR last year. They are buds as you can see them laying next to each other in the photo.
From Charlie and Sterling's Momma:
   "Couldn't be happier with my giants, even though Charlie isn't quite a giant!"

Returned 3/30/13 This is one special boy! Kojak lived with a special needs boy. He was the boy's companion and light of his life. Unfortunately there was some contract confusion that landed Kojak and 11 yr old pitbull/Am bulldog mix in a shelter. We took him in and cared for him. After an unfortunately stressful family event, the family received the help they needed to get this sweet sole back into their life. Kojak is now back with his boy, looking over him and bringing joy back into their lives. We are proud to have had the brief moment to be part of this wonderful dog's life. He is nothing short of amazing.

Adopted 3/30/13 Daphne is a special smooth coat Saint that came to us with 7 babies. Her babies have long since been adopted but Daphne stuck around for her special family. She walked in like she was always there and is so happy with her new boy  take care of her, love her and play fetch with her.

Adopted 3/30/13 Mayhem is a 7 yr old beautiful Great Dane. She is so amazingly sweet, quiet and laid back. You won't hear a peep from this girl and she is just so easy to get along with. She is now the big sister to Noah (pyrenees previously adopted from GHGDR). They are fast friends and her new family said it's like she was there all the time. She just fits in and loves the extra attention.

Adopted 4/30/13 Rocky is appx 8-9 yr old Saint boy. He is a little stiff in his backend, but otherwise in good health. He is super sweet and good with other dogs but afraid of the little dogs (according to the shelter he came from). Rocky has been groomed and did very welll during his bath/brush process. He likes company (human and other dogs), is crate trained, and will let you know when he is ready to come back in from outside. Rocky does need to be neutered and up to date on vaccinations (he is HW negative).

Adopted 5/7/13 Daisy is a 2-3yr old Fawn Great Dane. She is a sweet girl and very quiet. She gets along well with other dogs and doesn't bother the cats at all. She doesn't really quite trust other dogs to play, but she is working on it. As a puppy, she was raised with an aggressive dog who was not nice to her, so she is intimidated by fast movements by other dogs. She really has come out of her shell and is becoming an all around amazing girl. Daisy is doing great with her fur-ever family. She now has a little boy to play with and a new fur brother - a Dapple Daschund.

Adopted 5/24/13 Sophie (formerly known as Raven) is a 3yr old Great Dane. She is super timid and very sweet. Her family absolutely adore her and she now has a big brother!

Adopted 5/31/13 Paisley (formerly known as Bailey) is a sweet 4 1/2 yr old white/Brindlequin girl. Paisley enjoys napping with her new brother and sister. Her family said "She is a perfect fit!"

Adopted 6/13/13 Charlie is a fawn 5 yr old Great Dane. He is very tall and fits right in with his "tall" family! They adore him, spoil him and love him to bits.

Adopted 6/23/13 Sampson "Sam" is a fawn Great Dane who is 5 yrs old. He is an awesome dog and just amazing with other animals. His forever family loves him to pieces and are so happy to have him.