Jan-Jul 2012 Adopted Dogs

Adopted 1/7/12 Rayen was born on 8/25/2011 she is a Lab/Weimaraner mix. Her name means "flower." She is a very big girl who loves puppy kisses just as much as she loves to eat! Rayen also enjoys bath time even at such a young age. She also loves to lay across your lap and enjoys attention. She has a beautiful shiney black coat and a face that will melt your heart.

Adopted 1/7/12 Ohanzee was born on 8/25/2011 he is a Lab/Weimaraner mix. His name means "Shadow" and he is the only black male. He has a light brown tint to his coat that makes him look like a shadow. He is very large already and is sure to be a big boy. Ohanzee loves to just lay around, when the others are playing it's a toss whether he will join in or just lay back and watch.

Adopted 1/7/12 Lomasi was born on 8/25/2011 she is a Lab/Weimaraner mix. Her name means "Pretty Flower." She is a great girl who waits at the edge of the playpen for attention. She loves to cuddle and is content to just be with you. This little lady even figured out the only spot in the playpen to get out of so she could come sit with us.

Adopted 1/7/12 Elan was born on 8/25/2011 he is a Lab/Weimaraner mix. Elan means "friendly". This fits him perfectly since he loves to cuddle and just be with people.

Adopted 1/14/12 Charlie is as close to the perfect dog as you'll find! He is extremely quiet, hence why we named him after that great silent film star, Charlie Chaplin. Charlie will make an excellent dog-park dog. He also loves toys. When he first got to his foster home and saw all the dog toys laying around, his face lit up with an expression that very clearly said, "I'm in heaven!" He knows how to sit on command but will usually only do it if there are treats involved. He was picked up as a stray in Essex County, Virginia and we got him from the Tappahannock/Essex County Animal Shelter.

Adopted 2/2/12 Baxter is a 2 yr old Great Dane. His new family adoreS him. He takes a nap with the mom and baby every day. He likes to drink from the bathroom sink faucet and is an all around silly boy. He is active and very aware of his size. He isn't super clumsy and is a total sweetheart.

Adopted 2/20/12 Sasha is a 4 yr old Mastiff. She is sweet and loves to get attention. She isn't fond of dogs bigger than her but does ok with smaller dogs. She is on the small side at just 80lbs but don't let her size fool you, she makes up for it in stregnth. Her family adores her.

Adopted 2/26/12 Nana is a 7-8 yr old Saint Bernard. She is a funny lady who likes cookies and to be with her people. She is still playful and loves to go on walks. Nana came to us heartworm positive but is slowly on the mend. Nana will always be special to Giant Hearts because she was one of our first dogs and she wears a spot in the shape of a heart on her coat. Nana's family adores her and treat her like a queen.

Adopted 3/15/12 Chelsea is a 4 yr old Saint Bernard. She now lives with a wonderful family and she has a new brother. They get a long well and the family adores her. 

Adopted 3/24/12 Pheonix is a young mastiff girl. She is sweet as can be and happy in her new forever home. She now lives with a Mastiff brother to play with and boys to keep her busy.

Adopted 4/7/12 Axel is a 5month old puppy mix. He is a pretty laid back puppy. From his new mommy "Axel is doing wonderful.  He is adjusting well and living like a king J   He likes my grandbaby’s wagon"

 Adopted 5/19/12  Laney is a mastiff puppy. She is energetic and full of life. She loves to get tummy rubs and to play with toys. Laney needs to go to a giant breed experienced home.

Not available - HERCULES  is happily living with his forever foster. He has extensive medical needs so Giant Hearts Giant Dog Rescue has partnered with his new family to give him the best life possible. Hercules is loving life as the only dog and being treated like a king.

Adopted 5/13/12 Cindy is a Yellow Lab. She is a sweet girl who as you can see, is really enjoying her new home and her new life. From her new family, "Didn't know she was a lap dog (see pic) :)"

Adopted 5/22/12 Max is a Lab. He is a sweet boy who is loving life in his new home.

Adopted 5/22/12 Bently is a Saint Bernard male between 18months to 2 yrs old. He is enjoying life in his new home, living the good life with peanut butter Kona ice and a grandma that spoils him rotten!

Adopted 5/25/12 Dixie is a lab mix. She is the two time champion of the food contests, first year was ice cream and the second year peanut butter. She was with Giant Hearts for a long time and we are so happy she has found a very loving forever home.

Adopted 5/25/12 Trinity is an Afghan/Irish Wolfhound mix. She is a sweet girl and is adjusting well to her new home with her new family.

Adopted 6/10/12 Noah is a Great Pyranees. He is a sweet boy who just wants to be with his people. He likes to roam and needs a high fenced yard.

Adopted 6/17/12 Duck formerly known as Bullwinkle is a young Am Bulldog mix. His new family is so pleased with how obedient he is as well as his forever tail wagging cheery disposition!

Adopted 6/15/12 Finn is a young Cane Corso boy. He is laid back and as sweet as can be. He gets along great with other dogs and his new family says they have been looking for a long time for a dog just like Finn! He truly is a special boy.

Adopted 6/24/12 Bella formerly known as Mona is a young Saint Bernard.      Here is a note from her family -
"Bella is a joy! She is sitting next to me now as I send you this email. She follows us from room to room throughout the house, just happy to be with us. She is a total snuggle bug and of course won us over in the should we-shouldn't we debate on inviting her on the bed. She has secured her space in our bed for snuggling before lights out....Bella has passed her Canine Good Citizen test."

Adopted 6/30/12 Hammie is 4-5yr old Bull Mastiff. He is amazingly sweet and loves nothing mroe than being your big lap dog! 
Here is a note from his mom -
"HAMMIE IS WELL AND A TOTAL LOVE BUG. I love him sooooo much, he is the best pet companion I have ever had! Thank you so much for this opportunity. He is amazing and I feel like it was meant to be."

Adopted 2/11/12 Zeus is a young Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) boy. He is super sweet and  looks to his Dad for guidance. He loves his new sister and they play all of hte time.

Adopted 4/3/12 Gracey, formerly known as Gretchen, is a young Saint Bernard girl. She is super sweet but very picky on who her animal friends will be. She prefers to be with people and get all of the loving for herself.
From her family-
"We are really enjoying gracey (gretchen) she has filled a hole in my heart. Thank-you"

Adopted 7/21/12 Clara is a 3yr old Mastiff mix girl. She is super sweet, loves everyone and loves attention.
Here is a note from her family -
"She is everything you said she is - charming, sweet, and irresistible. She is fitting right in, and it is so fun to have a dog who adapts, rather than us having to change everything to work around her! What a delight to have such a happy, easy-going dog!"

Adopted 7/21/12 KC is a very young Lab/Dane mix. She is super sweet, loves everyone and loves attention. She is very playful and loves to have lots of friends.
Here is a note from her family -
"What a sweetheart! She's being very playful and loving. She is very timid around men, but seems to be warming up. At the moment she is on the couch chewing her ball!"

Adopted 7/28/12 Dexter is a 4month old Mastiff boy. He is playful and sweet. He gets along great with his foster sisters and brothers.

Adopted 7/30/12 Bones is a 6 month old Mastiff boy. He is fiesty and needs a strong family who will consistently work with him and remind him that he is not the boss of the house.

His family has already hired a trainer to work with him and are very dedicated to Bones.