Jan-Jun 2015 Adopted Dogs

Adopted 1/18/15 Sophie is an 11 month old Great Dane/Shepherd mix. She is so sweet and snuggly. Her family is extremely committed to Sophie and knew she was theirs the first time they saw her.

Adopted 2/3/15 Izzy is a sweet bull mastiff. She is an amazing girl, excellent with kids, good with other dogs and she has a special family who is taking care of all of her skin issues and helping her be a happy/healthy loved family member.

Adopted 2/8/15 General is a sweet, young Cane Corso boy. He came to us so very afraid of everything but is now doing really well and loves his new furry sister. He has learned so much and is making himself at home more everyday.

Adopted 2/22/15 River (formerly known as Leela) is a lab/dane mix. She is a sweet girl who quickly found her forever family. She is spoiled rotten with weekly trips to PetSmart to see all her friends. 

Adopted 2/22/15 River (formerly known as Leela) is a lab/dane mix. She is a sweet girl who quickly found her forever family. She is spoiled rotten with weekly trips to PetSmart to see all her friends. 

Adopted 3/1/15 Sadie is a petite Cane Corso, just a year old. She is a sweet girl who came to us unsure and frightened. Sadie is happy and learning to be confident.

Adopted 3/4/15 Zero is a young Fawn Great Dane. He is a sweet boy who loves his mom and dad and is spoiled rotten.

Adopted 3/7/15 Bounce (formerly known as Baymax) is a silly Irish Wolfhound/Sheperd mix. He lives on a farm and is having fun romping around being a silly boy.

Adopted 3/12/15 Fiona is a Great Dane mix. She is a sweet girl who loves to play and get belly rubs. She takes a few minutes to warm up but once she does, she isn't too shy to sit in your lap.

Adopted 4/17/15 Bella Blue is a young Cane corso female. She was scared at the shelter, but her family fell in love after one night of "temp" fostering for us!! She is now their "Bella the Beautiful" and so very loved.

Adopted 3/26/15 Lucy is a Great Dane-mix She came to us HW positive, but her family waited through her treatment, just knowing this girl was meant to be with them. Lucy loves everyone and has NO idea how big she is. She will sit in your lap for snuggles.

Adopted 4/18/15 Dexter (aka "Prince" as his little girl calls him) is 8 week old Presa/Lab mix. He is a big boy and was always a little whiny compared to his siblings. BUT he knew what he wanted and would make any noise necessary to get it! Very excited to see how this big boy comes along over the years.

Adopted 5/4/15 Briggs (FKA Willie) is an 8 week old Presa/Lab. He was the smallest boy at first and quickly grew into one of the biggest pups in the litter! Briggs was pretty laid back, took things in stride and loved snuggles. The photo to the left is Briggs with his big sister and GHGDR Alumn Olive.  

Adopted 3/21/15 Baymax (FKA Amos) is a young Great Dane, very tall and lanky boy. He is as sweet as they come and his family absolutely adores him.

Adopted 5/9/15 Adi was the first one born out of Myah's litter and she was the last one to be adopted.  Adi is an amazingly confident little girl with a lot of spice. She is her momma's girl. Adi loved playing with her momma and brother Willie. Sweet girl now has a wonderful home and is going to be a great addition to the family.

Adopted 5/13/15 Dewey is a 2 yr old Saint/Dane mix. He came to us scared and unsure about things. His big brother Zero has taught him a lot and Dewey is really coming around, enjoying snuggles and loves his family. We couldn't be happier for this family to have two handsome boys Zero and Dewey!

Adopted 5/9/15 Goliath is a mastiff mix boy. He came to us at 3-4months old and 27lbs! He is a big boy. Goliath is a happy boy who just needs to learn some self control and manners. I'm sure his big brother Kane has that covered!

Adopted 4/23/15 Annie- such an amazing girl who stood fast through very rough times. She was 75lbs when she came to us and then bloated. She had surgery and has been putting on weight since. Annie's last weigh in was just over 100lbs and her family is elated. They love her more than we could hope for. Annie is a special girl who will sneak her way into your heart.  

Adopted 4/18/15 Chopper (FKA Roofus) was adopted at 8 weeks old. He is a Presa Canario/Lab mix and has the sweetest disposition. He was the biggest in the litter, so we are axious to see how big this guy gets!

Adopted 4/18/15 Stella (FKA Kara) was adopted at 8 weeks old. She is a Presa/Lab mix. She took about 10 minutes in the home and was telling her big brother what to do. This girl is a pistol and we are excited to see this girl grow up.

Adopted 4/18/15 Nova - 8 week old Presa/Lab mix. She was the smallest in the litter and even was rushed to the vet the first week after being born. She ended up getting too cold and had to be incubated for a day. After that, she was the first to do so many things, you would never know she was the smallest! Looking forward to seeing her in a few months.

Adopted 6/23/15 Hank is a 1 1/2 yr old Great Dane. He is a sweet boy who is loving life with his 2 new furry brothers and other fuzzy/furry siblings on the farm. Hank is enjoying the freedoms of farm life. He gets to run and play most of th day. How lucky is that?

Adopted 6/23/15 Molly is a 1 yr old Great Dane. She is very agile and known by her foster as "Mayhem Molly". Molly is now the little sister of GHGDR alumni Sampson. He watches over his sister and is working on teaching her the finer things in doggy life, like naps....and more naps!

Adopted 6/28/15 Josie is a 1 1/2 yr old Harlequin Great Dane. She is a beautiful and happy girl. Josie loves to run and play. She is very sweet and now lives with her new brother Ludo (GHGDR alumni).

Adopted 5/16/15 Neo is appx 1 1/2 yr old mastiff mix. Don't let his smaller size fool you. He is a playful big boy. He is great with other dogs and kids. He is enjoying his new family and a life of doggy luxury!