Jan-Jun 2014 Adopted Dogs

Adopted 1/1/14 Ruby a 2 yr old Mastiff. She is a sweet girl who wants to be the only girl! She loves her brothers but just isn't very fond of sharing her time with another girl. She is playful and a beautiful baby.

Adopted 1/5/14 Sherman- 3 yr old Saint who came to us with skin issues. Once healed up he found his forever family. He is very sweet and loving. Sherman loves to play and now has a new little sister to romp around with.

Adopted 1/18/14 Bosley. He is a 4 yr old Mastiff and sweet as pie! He loves affection and rubbing his back on the grass. He has the silliest expressions and is an all around amazing boy. He now has a little human sister to look after and is very gentle and sweet with her.  

Adopted 1/19/14 Sterling. Sterling is a handsome Cane Corso boy. He is very sweet and loves his sisters (furry sister) Sasha and (human sister) Fee. He has learned true happiness in his new home and we couldn't be happier for this amazing boy!

Adopted 2/2/14 Gracie. She is a 3 1/2 yr old Great Dane. Casper is her brother. She wasn't too sad to be adopted without him. She didn't like to share attention with him! She is a great dog and has a sweet disposition. She now has kids to play with and a family to love her.

Adopted 3/8/14 Hope is a mini Saint, she is a lot of dog in a small package. She is young at only 1 yr old and still very puppy. She is her family's "princess" and is loving life with lots of land to run and play on and a loving family to spoil her.

Adopted 3/14 Patch is a 4yr old Great Dane. He was adopted but returned. He is a special boy who found the perfect family with a playmate and lots of yard to play in. Patch is doing so good with his new family and loving life.

Adopted 3/29/14 Cooper is a sweet and amazing 8 yr old Saint. He has a wonderful family who didn't care about his age and he now has an older sister to keep him company.

Adopted 4/6/14 Lexi is a 5 yr old Mastiff. In her previous family she was obviously used for breeding and not much else. Lexi is now with a loving couple who want to spoil her for the rest of her life. Her calm nature and desire for affection will win anyone over! She has been through so much but now has the life she has deserved all along.

Adopted 5/9/14 Ink (formerly known as Sir Sage) is a 2 yr old Great Dane. He is regal in all ways and a true love bug. Ink loves all animals and is a great ambassador for his breed. His family has said that adding Ink to their home has filled the home and their hearts!

Adopted 5/9/14 Bruce is a 2 yr old Great Dane. He is amazingly sweet and silly. He loves to play and romp around. He is an active boy and loves his 2 new older sisters. His family has said he fits in so perfectly and they are truly in love with Bruce. He is happy and working on putting on some weight!

Adopted 5/24/14 Rogue is a sweet 15 week old mastiff/boxer mix puppy. He is well behaved and very social. HIs new name is HULK and he gets to play with his new furry brother and sister and his human brother. 

Adopted 6/20/14 Zoey is a 2 yr old Mastiff. She is super sweet and and friendly. She loves her new family and is learning to be a very good girl. She is learning boundaries and as a reward gets to go everywhere with her new daddy. Even fisthing!