In Loving Memory

APOLLO Newfie/mix.

Duck-American Bulldog/Saint Bernard mix. Hanging at the beach with his big brother Henry. (right) Relaxing at his foster home before adoption. Duck got his name because of his funny feet and he was such a goofy and lovable boy. He will be sadly missed.

Achack-(No photo) Weimeraner/Lab mix. Son of Dixie and brother to  Aiyanna, Rayen, Kenai, Ciqala, Lomasi, Ohanzee, Weeko, Aileen, Tala, Nidawi, Elan, and Takoda.

In memory of Max, a dog who knew how to be Giant in all things.
Lisa and Ben think this will help his fellow Giants have plenty of jowl towels.

Major Mastiff/mix.

Shorti  Mastiff/mix.

Charlotte Great Dane.

Stubby and Griff- Two wonderfully sweet and gentle Neos. They are sorely missed every day. A father's  best  friends who left their mark forever in his heart.

Oso - A sweet boy who came to us very sick. We were just too late to be able to save him. He had a very large tumor on his intestines and was unable to keep food down.

Bella girl- A real mastiff beauty. Abused and confused, she was unable to recover from her fear.

In memory of two best friends Gordo (Saint Bernard) and Chief (GSD).You will be missed. Forever in the hearts of everyone who knew both of you and your bond to each other. You are both free from pain and can run free the way it was always meant to be.

Sweet Tessa, a beautiful Mastiff inside and out. We only had a short time with you but they were the best months filled with love. Forever in all of our hearts.

Mason - an 11 yr old Saint who taught us to never give up. He was so amazing and still had pep in his step until the very end. Mason was sweet and loving but came to us old, emaciated and with very serious heartworms. He fought through it all and lasted 3 wonderful months with us. He was loved to the bitter end and we love him still. No more leash to hold Mason, run free from pain and show all the young ones what an old guy can do!
Percy was a young Bulldog mix. He was so sweet, but just seriously damaged. Percy was not trusting and when he felt scared, he showed it in not so nice ways. We are sorry you were hurt so bad that we couldn't teach you to trust again sweet boy. Run free from the pain of the memories that haunted you in this life. <3
Milo- a loving Saint boy who was appx 7 yrs old. His owner passed and left him confused. Milo was tossed around and lived in a shelter. He had severe food aggression and was never told what to do. The more rules we had, the more stubborn and obstinant he became. You could tell he didn't want to be this way, but he just didn't know how to be different. We will miss you big boy.
Gabe a boy who was  hurting and couldn't completely trust us or his wonderful family. Our hearts are with Louisa and Eric, for the pain they feel without Gabe. We know he was your Sunshine. Gabe, run free from all harm and shine down on us all every day. You will be missed dearly but you have brought brightness into our lives.
Not with us near long enough but  we were able to show Venus the love she so deserved. Her soulful nature helped ease your worries. Venus was emaciated, half the size she should have been and far too gone with illness. We did all we could but most of all, we loved her with all our hearts. Venus is a reminder to us all of why we rescue. Even if for a short time, we are here to make a difference in their otherwise sad lives.

Such a special boy. Our Casper, forever in our hearts. He came to us with intestinal issues and we did everything we could to heal him. After several surgies, multiple visits to internists and multiple tests, we were unable to fix him. Casper was so affectionate, expressive, and playful. He was a handsome boy and would bring you his Kong to throw for him. He loved to be difficult and needy but in such a way we loved him more for it. His paw print is truly etched on the hearts of all who had the pleasure to care for him.  Run, play and eat all the food your heart  desires sweet boy. We long for the day when we can see you happy and healthy romping free in the fields.

Gisele, a true beauty.  She loved to be snuggled, but just had so many trust issues, she couldn't overcome. Gisele's eyes had a story and she could make you feel the sadness and fear. She melted my heart everytime I saw her. Rest in peace sweet one, be free from pain and fear.

Mr. Beans was a goofy boy til the end. He suffered from bloat and was unable to be saved. He loved his forever family and they were with him to the bitter end. Mr. Beans will forever be in our hearts. Sweet boy who loved a good belly rub anytime you were willing to offer one.

Kody was a special puppy who was just not given a fair lot in life. He was emaciated, couldn't keep food down and was very sick. Although he was only with us one week, he made his way into all of our hearts. We wished for so much more for sweet Kody, but he loved us and we loved him dearly.

"Although it’s difficult today to see beyond the sorrow,
 may looking back in memory help comfort you tomorrow".
-Author Unknown<

Julius "Ju ju Bear" American Bulldog/ mastiff mix. Came to us with severe ACL tears in one leg and moderate tears in the other. He had been in pain a long time. We love his big heart and protective nature. He was amazing in many ways. He will be forever in our hearts.

Sweet Dutchess! You never really know how much time you have, she came to us at appx 11 yrs old. A week after being with her foster, she was rushed to the ER Vet but passed before we could help her. This girl may have only been with us a tiny bit of time, but holy cow the dent she left in our hearts! She was happy and lively. There was nothing indicating we wouldn't have her for long. We miss you sweet girl!