Available Dogs
All dogs will be up to date on vaccinations and altered prior to adoption.

Online adoption application is not available at this time. Please click here to download the form, fill it out and email it to Giantheartdogs@gmail.com 


All adoption applications will be reviewed carefully and you will be contacted within 72hrs after submission.

Adoption Pending -  Bella II-   is an 8 yr old Old English Mastiff. She is so sweet and lovable. She wags her tail at every person she sees and is an all around happy girl. She lived with 3 male pugs and was surrendered because Bella and the new female pug were not getting along. However, Bella is being fostered with a female Cane Corso Mastiff and female Shih-Tzu without issue. Bella still has some pep in he r step and loves toys. She likes to gently play tug with you and then she takes the toy and runs away to play Keep Away. She is just happy, sweet and silly. Bella is an all around amazing girl. She is up to date on all vaccinations and spayed. Her adoption fee is $200.

Adoption Pending - Piper is a 6 yr old Neopolitan mastiff. She is extremely sweet and loving. It was obvious she was used for breeding and kept in a crate too small for her for long periods of time. Piper gets along with other animals but prefers that she be left alone and not get in her face. She loves to snuggle on the couch and  is enjoying being part of a family. Piper will be up to date on all vacccinations, spayed and microchipped prior to adoption. Her adoption fee is $250.

PUPPIES!! -These puppies are babies of Myah (shown further down). They are Presa/Old English Lab mixes and were born on 2/21/15. They are all healthy and doing very well. There are 3 boys (shown below) and 3 girls (shown to the left). One boy is already adoption pending, however we still have 5 puppies remaining for adoption. All puppies will be available for adoption after 8 weeks of age, all puppies will be adopted out on a spay/neueter contract and must be spay/neutered by the 1sst day of the 7 months old. All families adopting the puppies agree to taking the puppy to obedience training (your choice of place). Adoption fees for each puppy will be $350. Accepting applications now.

Rachel is appx 3 yrs old. She is a beautiful mastiff and very sweet. She likes to talk to you too. Rachel is unsure of men. She will bark when first introduced to men but once to NO, she stops. If they have treats, she warms up quicker. She is great with other dogs and the cat.  Rachel is emaciated and needs to put on some weight. She can jump a 4ft fence. Rachel needs some vetting and verification of spay. Her adoption fee is $300.

Cici is approximately 1 year old and is a cute little "pocket" cane corso weighing in at about 65lbs. She is extremely intelligent, wants to please her people, and is athletic. Cici is a moderate energy girl and has done well with other dogs. She likes to run, wrestle, and play tug with them. Cici is a beautiful girl with brindle markings and a docked tail. She is doing great with crate training and potty training. She was a good girl for her bath and nail trim. Cici would enjoy a home where she gets lots of belly rubs and have someone to play with (with 2 legs or 4). Cici is up to date on vaccines, spayed, and heartworm negative. Her cherry eye has been evaluated and it is purely cosmetic. Her adoption fee is $300

Myah-   is an 1 yr old Presa Canario. She has already had 3 homes and now came to us pregnant. Myah has had the babies and is a wonderful mother. She is a happy girl, loves to talk to you and a great snuggler. She has been ok with laid back dogs, but we will not test her with other dogs until the puppies  are fully weaned. She is 111.4 lbs. Myah will be spayed and receive the remaining vaccinations after her puppies have been weaned. Myah's adoption fee will be $300.

Adopted  -Lucy-   is a 2 1/2 yr old Great Dane/Lab mix. She is amazingly sweet, loves to be by your side and a happy girl. Lucy is great if left out of the crate but also is ok in a crate. She doesn't really play with many toys but she does love her foster friends. She has done great with male and female dogs as well as cats. Sadly, Lucy came to us Heartworm positive. She is currently in treatment and will be done treatment in the beginning of March. Lucy is an all around amazing girl that you have to meet. She is up to date on all vaccinations and spayed. Her adoption fee is $300.

Adopted 4/17/15  -   Bella Blue is a sweet 6 month old Cane Corso puppy. Her foster family loves her to pieces and will be adopting her as soon as she is completely vetted and spayed.

Adopted 4/23/15-Annie is a 5 1/2 yr old Petite Great Dane. She came to us severely neglected at just over 75lbs and missing a lot of hair on her back legs and back end. Annie is very obedient, understands commands, sits nicely for a treat and will take gently if reminded "Gentle" when handing the treat. Because of her body condition, Annie is on hold until we can get her looking a little more healthy. She is currently on antibiotics for a secondary skin infection and prednisone to help with the flea allergy, caused by severe flea infestation. Annie is doing wonderfully with the 2 female labs in the home and is a true sweetheart. We do believe she is spayed and will be up to date on all vaccinations prior to adoption. Her adoption fee will be $250.

Nova- Adopted 4/18/15 

Dexter-Adopted 4/18/15

Kara- Adopted 4/18/15


WillieAdoption Pending

Roofus- Adopted 4/18/15

Adopted-Amos is a 2 yr old VERY TALL Great Dane. He is a brindly merle and absolutely handsome. Amos is very sweet, warms up to women quicker than men, but does ok with men if allowed time to introduce. He prefers to sniff you first and approach when he is comfortable. He is great with kids and other dogs. Amos is neutered and his stomach has been tacked. He will be up to date on all vaccinations prior to adoption. Amos' adoption fee is $300.

Adoption Pending  Hank is a 2 yr old Harlequin Great Dane. He is so sweet and good with other dogs. He is timid but doesn't take long to warm up. He was not socialized and is experiencing a lot of new things. Hank is up to date on all vaccinations and will be neutered prior to adoption. His adoption fee is $300.

Dewey is a 2yr old Great Dane Saint Bernard mix. He is very beautiful with the sweet face of a Saint Bernard and the body of a Dane. Dewey is very timid and takes some time to learn to trust people. Once he does, be prepared, this big boy demands a lot of attention! Dewey is house trained with no problems, he does however like to counter surf when nobody is looking as well as chew a stray shoe left out by an unsuspecting human. As long as precautions are taken he does not need to be crated while home alone. Dewey is an escape artist and can very easily let himself out of his crate if there are not extra locks placed on it. He does better with males but can learn to trust women with time and patience. Dewey also loves to dig while outside but is very easy to correct when caught red-pawed. Dewey is not recommended in a home with small children because loud noises and quick movements make him extremely nervous. Dewey is a great doorbell and will be the first to let you know of any approaching visitors. He does well with other dogs but has yet to be tested around small animals and cats. Dewey is happy with an empty water bottle to chew on and a nice big bone to gnaw. He loves to play tug o war but can be very intimidating with his deep growl. He does not like to be alone or in a room by himself. He is happy sleeping on the floor next to you and will not try to hop in the bed even after several minutes of coaxing :) Dewey is quite a drooler but can be controlled for the most part with a wipe down after drinking and eating. Dewey will do best in a home that is able to continue socializing him. Dewey will be up to date on all vaccinations and neutered prior to adoption his adoption fee is $300.