Available Dogs
All dogs will be up to date on vaccinations and altered (spayed/neutered) before adoption.

Online adoption application is not available at this time. Please click here to download the form, fill it out and email it to Giantheartdogs@gmail.com 


All adoption applications will be reviewed carefully and you will be contacted within 72hrs after submission.

Adoption Pending- Winston-  is a 4-5 yr old Dane/Anatolian Shepherd mix. Winston is very big and sweet. He loves attention and will come "sideways" towards you to get it. He is a big leaner and a big baby. Winston has been through heartworm treatment and is getting ready to be tested again. When his test comes back HW negative, he will be neutered. Winston is a low-moderate energy dog having bursts of play time during the day. Winston gets along with all other dogs large and small and doesn't care about the cats. Winston has been wonderful with children, even allowing his toddler to dress him up. Winston is not a fan of skateboards, bicycles, or rollerblades. Winston is a stubborn boy, but a good boy. He needs his family to enforce the rules of the home in a firm, but loving manner. Winston will provide you make you smile with his goofy personality and will be very loyal and protective of his family.  His adoption fee is $250.

Adoption Pending - Lucas-  came to us with a severely broken leg. We had xrays done and an evaluation by an orthopeadic specialist. No luck, the leg had to be amputated. However, Lucas is not phased at all without the leg. He runs and plays and is a happy boy. He is an amazing puppy, very well behaved, loves toys and playing with the big dogs. He reads other dogs well and will fit in just about anywhere. All vets have stated that since he is young, losing the leg will be a non issue for Lucas. He has proven that to us time and again. Lucas is up to date on all vaccinations and neutered.His adoption fee is $350.

Medical Hold -Casper-  is 3 1/2 yr old Deaf Great Dane. Casper is a very sweet and social boy. He loves to play with other dogs and is learning to ignore the cats. Casper is not good with little kids, he does not understsand when they run around him. He tries to play with them like he does the dogs and does not understand that is not ok. He is deaf and extremely vocal. He will talk to you when you are petting him and he is happy. He is also vocal when meeting new dogs and people.  Casper has had 3 surgeries since coming to us due to bloating which the vets think all started with a terrible case of whip worms. He is now putting on some weight and will be available once we can be sure he is healthy enough. Casper is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. His adoption fee is $300

Casper is doing so well and has gained 10lbs. However he recently bloated for the 4th time and our vet bills are rising.  To help us recover and help more dogs in need, please share this link and donate if you can.

Rocky- Rocky is doing wonderful. He is still pretty timid, but is doing better with having strangers in the house. He has outgrown his medium harness and is now in a size Large. He easily weighs 60 pounds right now and is still growing. Those who have seen him multiple times have commented on how big he is getting. Rocky now gets the zoomies about once a day or every other day. He LOVES to zoom up and down the hallway and around the house playing with his foster brothers. Outside, Rocky enjoys large rope toys and is starting to show interest in fetch. He had a bath outside today and was an angel for it. His favorite part was being dried with the towel, but he also really enjoyed the ear cleaning. Rocky is still looking for his special home. He would love to continue his journey WITH his forever family. If you have any questions at all about Rocky, please don't hesitate to ask. Rocky is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. His adoption fee is $350.

Adoption pending Chief-  is a 1-2yr  old Mastiff/Am Bulldog mix. Chief is around 117 lbs. He is a sturdy and strong dog. Chief is now house trained and is free roaming unattended with no issues. Chief has some crate anxiety, but may be able to be crate trained eventually. Chief is a low energy boy preferring to nap and snuggle the majority of the day. He loves attention from people. Chief has done very well with other dogs and seems to care less about cats. Chief is a smart boy learning commands and house training very quickly. He is not food motivated, but desires to please his people. Chief has severe bilateral elbow osteoarthritis and is not a candidate for surgery. He will be on a strict exercise regimen and medication to ease the pain. He will also be on supplements. Chief needs a family that will be willing to do 2-3 small walks a day to keep his muscle tone but not overwork his elbows and someone who will maintain his supplements and medicine. Chief is a happy and loving boy who needs a quiet family that doesn't mind a more often than not couch potato.  He is up to date on vaccinations and will be neutered before adoption.

Adoption Pending - Duke  is a young 2 yr old mastiff. He needs some training and to learn some manners, but is a smart boy and learns pretty fast. Duke gets a long with other dogs but does need to understand their boundaries and how to read when other dogs don't want him to play anymore. Duke is a counter surfer but is slowly learning this is not acceptable behavior. He has learned sit, down, and wait when being fed and he shares well with his furry foster brother. He is good in a crate and should be crated when you are not home (he likes to chew things). He is being neutered and up to date on all vaccinations on 7/16/14.  His adoption fee is $300.

Yoda-  is a 4 yr old Neopolitan Mastiff. He is currently fighting a fungal skin infection and a bacterial skin infection. In addition to the skin issues, he came to us nearly blind. His eyes were swollen, cherry eye, and infected. After 2 weeks of eye drops, he can now see and he is doing much better. His skin is slowly healing and he is starting to show us his true personality.He has been very sweet with people and good with other dogs. Yoda will be up to date on all vaccinations and neutered before adoption. He will have at least one surgery on his eye to repair the cherry eye and possibly another to help clear up his vision impairment.

Kaylee - Kaylee is a wonderful 2 and a half year old Great Dane. She is on the small side weighing in around 95 lbs. She is a very lean girl. Kaylee has been doing well in her foster home. She has been fostered with a toddler and with a male dog. She does well with both of them and is starting to play a bit. Kaylee spent most of her life off leash so she is working on leash manners. Kaylee is also working on her socialization outside of the home. In her foster home, she does wonderful, but outside of the home is a scary world that Kaylee doesn't understand. With time, trust, and positive reinforcement, Kaylee will be an amazing dog. She is a talker and is full of personality. Kaylee is up to date on her vaccines, spayed, and is looking for a forever home.
Kaylee is up to date on all vaccinations and spayed. Her adoption fee is $300.

Adoption Pending- Karma is a black and white 2 1/2 yr old Great Dane. She is on the smaller side at about 90lbs. She is very sweet and learning to trust people. She warms up quickly in the home but is very scared outside of the home. Karma wasn't introduced to many things and spent most of her time outside in her yard. She introduces to dogs well off leash but seems to be very defensive on leash. We attribute this to lack of leash work and socialization. She does currently live with a female and male dog. She plays with them and is an all around good girl. She likes to snuggle herself up on the dog bed and chill when she isn't playing. Karma also prances, it's just so cute when she does it. She is up to date on all vaccinations and spayed. Karma's adoption fee is $300