Available Dogs
All dogs will be up to date on vaccinations and altered prior to adoption.

Online adoption application is not available at this time. Please click here to download the form, fill it out and email it to Giantheartdogs@gmail.com 


All adoption applications will be reviewed carefully and you will be contacted within 72hrs after submission.

Adoption Pending- Winston-  is a 4-5 yr old Dane/Anatolian Shepherd mix. Winston is very big and sweet. He loves attention and will come "sideways" towards you to get it. He is a big leaner and a big baby. Winston has been through heartworm treatment and is getting ready to be tested again. When his test comes back HW negative, he will be neutered. Winston is a low-moderate energy dog having bursts of play time during the day. Winston gets along with all other dogs large and small and doesn't care about the cats. Winston has been wonderful with children, even allowing his toddler to dress him up. Winston is not a fan of skateboards, bicycles, or rollerblades. Winston is a stubborn boy, but a good boy. He needs his family to enforce the rules of the home in a firm, but loving manner. Winston will provide you make you smile with his goofy personality and will be very loyal and protective of his family.  His adoption fee is $250.

Marmaduke-  is a 4 1/2 yr old Great Dane. Marmaduke is a big boy and bonds to his people quickly. Marmaduke is very stubborn and pushy, he needs a Dane Savvy family with  no small/pre-teen children (teens, older or no children). He is an overall good boy but needs someone who will be firm and consistent with him. He seems to have some problems with some men (not all) and takes a while to trust and come around. He also is fairly dominant and can only be with non-confrontational/submissive dogs. We will be working on showing Marmaduke proper manners and behavior and will post updates often. We do know Marmaduke had a severe reaction to Advantix and cannot have topical flea prevention. He does have some hair loss and scarring from the chemical burns. He is a very sweet and loving boy but due to his past, he needs a family that is willing to work with him, be consistent and continue to socialize Marmaduke. You can see his nervousness and fear with other dogs. When done properly and slowly, Marmaduke can be with other dogs. He also corrects very well and responds quickly.

Adoption Pending- Rocky- Rocky is doing wonderful. He is still pretty timid, but is doing better with having strangers in the house. He has outgrown his medium harness and is now in a size Large. He easily weighs 60 pounds right now and is still growing. Those who have seen him multiple times have commented on how big he is getting. Rocky now gets the zoomies about once a day or every other day. He LOVES to zoom up and down the hallway and around the house playing with his foster brothers. Outside, Rocky enjoys large rope toys and is starting to show interest in fetch. He had a bath outside today and was an angel for it. His favorite part was being dried with the towel, but he also really enjoyed the ear cleaning. Rocky is still looking for his special home. He would love to continue his journey WITH his forever family. If you have any questions at all about Rocky, please don't hesitate to ask. Rocky is neutered and up to date on all vaccinations. His adoption fee is $350.

Adopted- Zena  is a 1yr old petite Great Dane. She came to us severely emaciated and has been putting on weight and looking healthier every day. Zena was very scared when we first met her, now she likes to jump up with excitement when she sees you (we correct this behavior) and she loves playing with her foster brother. She is a snuggle bug and a true sweetheart. Zena is up to date on all vaccinations and spayed. Her adoption fee is $300.

Adopted -Athena-  is a 1 yr old petite Great Dane. She came to us completely frightened and severely emaciated. She is slowly coming out of her shell and showing us her playful side. As well as working on housebreaking her. She lived outside as a stray. She is crate trained and rarely has an accident in her crate. When she trusts she snuggles and loves to be petted. She does like toys and to play. She is starting to play a little tug, but is still a little too timid. Athena needs a patient family who will help her overcome her fears and socialize her. She needs a family who will show her the world isn't a bad place to be afraid of. She is up to date on all vaccinations and spayed. Her adoption fee is $300

Fancy -aka Fancy Pants-  is a 3-4 yr old Great Dane. Fancy came to us from a shelter in Bedford, VA. She was a stray, so we have no real history on her. However, she did come to us Erlichia and Lyme positive (both tick-born diseases). She is being treated for both. Fancy is a very sweet girl, she is doing well with her furry foster brother and her human 2 yr old sister. She was good for the vet as well. She will follow you around  and bonds very quickly to her people. Fancy is up to date on all vaccinations but does need to be spayed prior to adoption. Her adoption fee is $300.

In loving memory of Casper, this fund allows us to continue helping dogs with medical needs. Click the Casper's Fund button to donate today.  

Roxie-  is a is a 5 yr old Great Dane/Shephard mix. She is very sweet and good with adults. However, Roxie is nervous around small children. We believe she would be fine with older kids (12 and older) who know not to be run around or make extremely fast movements in her face. Roxie gets along great with the dogs in the foster home and playful. She likes to snuggle and relax as well. Roxie is spayed but will need to be updated on vaccinations prior to adoption. Her adoption fee is $250.