Available Dogs
All dogs will be up to date on vaccinations and altered prior to adoption.

Online adoption application is not available at this time. Please click here to download the form, fill it out and email it to Giantheartdogs@gmail.com


All adoption applications will be reviewed carefully and you will be contacted within 72hrs after submission.

Adoption Pending -  Bella II-   is an 8 yr old Old English Mastiff. She is so sweet and lovable. She wags her tail at every person she sees and is an all around happy girl. She lived with 3 male pugs and was surrendered because Bella and the new female pug were not getting along. However, Bella is being fostered with a female Cane Corso Mastiff and female Shih-Tzu without issue. Bella still has some pep in he r step and loves toys. She likes to gently play tug with you and then she takes the toy and runs away to play Keep Away. She is just happy, sweet and silly. Bella is an all around amazing girl. She is up to date on all vaccinations and spayed. Her adoption fee is $200.

Adoption Pending - Piper is a 6 yr old Neopolitan mastiff. She is extremely sweet and loving. It was obvious she was used for breeding and kept in a crate too small for her for long periods of time. Piper gets along with other animals but prefers that she be left alone and not get in her face. She loves to snuggle on the couch and  is enjoying being part of a family. Piper will be up to date on all vacccinations, spayed and microchipped prior to adoption. Her adoption fee is $250.

Rachel is appx 3 yrs old. She is a beautiful mastiff and very sweet. She likes to talk to you too. Rachel is unsure of men, initially she will bark but once to NO, she stops. If they have treats, she warms up quicker. Rachel came to us  emaciated and has  put on some weight. When she came to us she tested positive for heartworms but shows no signs of being heartworm positive (coughing, etc). She plays with the other dogs and is a wonderful girl.  She can jump a 4ft fence so will need a home with a 6ft fence. Rachel is up to date on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, had a dental cleaning and completed her heartworm treatment. Her adoption fee is $300.

Adoption Pending- Zeke is a 5 yr old Great Dane. He is a sweetheart and loves everyone. He is a little nervous when first meeting new people but in minutes he is leaning in for attention. Zeke gets along great with other dogs and does great with children. He is a sweet and playful boy. He will be up to date on all vaccinations, neutered and microchipped prior to adoptions. His adoption fee is $250

Sten is a young appx 2 yr old Mastiff/Shep mix. Prior to coming to us, he was hit by a car and picked up by animal control. Sten has a broken leg that the shelter's vet repaired with 2 pins. He is still healing and will be seeing an orthopeadic specialist. So far he is OK on leash but could use better leash manners. He has not been with other dogs since he is recovering from injury. Sten is up to date on all vaccinations and we suspect he has been neutered (pending confirmation). He will be microchipped prior to adoption.  His adoption fee is $300

Special Needs- Taylor is a 5 1/2 yr old VERY TALL Great Dane. He is all black and some white. Taylor is a very sweet boy and wants nothing more than to be by your side at ALL times. He has serious isolation anxiety and because of this, he cannot be left alone. He literally is a Velcro dog. We will be trying doggy day care with him to see if this helps. He has never been crate trained and was tied up to be left alone quite often. This is why he has such a problem with you leaving the room. Other dogs do not alleviate his lonliness, it's strickly people related. He will snuggle, follow you around, and be happy to go anywhere you are going. He is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative (on hw/flea prevention) and his adoption fee is $250.

Adoption Pending   -Max is a 6 yr old English Mastiff. He has been with the same person since puppy but her situation has now changed and Max needs surgery. He is standoffish at first with new people but does warm up if you allow him to take his time. He is not aggressive, just shy. Max will be evaluated for ACL surgery, he has a pretty severe limp and we will do everything we can for him. He is coming to us on Monday 5/18/15. He will be available for a foster to adopt situation for a family that is interested and willing to nurse him through recovery after surgery. Max is a big handsome boy who loves his momma. We expect this transition to be a little difficult for him, but for him to bond quickly in his foster home. More to come on Max as we get him into foster care and evaluate him.

Special Needs- Gracie is a 5 yr old Great Dane. She is all black and some white. Gracie was adopted and returned to us a little more than a yr later. She came back with some fears of the unknown and timid. Gracie is fairly quiet and laid back, she prefers to be at home, is crate trained and does not have accidents in the home. She is afraid to go outside alone so her foster mom always goes outside with her for potty breaks. Gracie jumps and shakes at the slightest new loud noises. She needs a family that will be understanding and loving with her. She is a great girl.  She is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative (on hw/flea prevention) and her adoption fee is $250.

Adoption Pending- Xena is appx 5 yr old Cane Corso. She is the happiest and sweetest girl you will ever meet. She just wags her tail and runs up to you when she sees you and wants belly rubs. Xena came to us with an ACL injury and possible hip issues. She will be evaluated on 7/29/15. Updates to follow. Xena does well with other dogs, cats and kids. She is as sweet as she looks. Xena is up to date on all vaccinations, spayed and microchipped. Her adoption fee is $250