About Giant Hearts
Our Mission:
  • To care for and find homes for unwanted, abandoned, neglected and abused giant breed dogs
  • To provide medical services to sick, injured and lame giant breed dogs
  • To assist in the rescue of those giant breed dogs subjected to conditions hazardous to their well-being or to confinement in government or private shelter, who without intervention would be needlessly euthanized
  • To provide for the humane disposition of those giant breed dogs not sound in mind, body, or temperament
  • To educate the public as to the characteristics of, and the proper care for, giant breed dogs
  • To educate the public as to responsible pet ownership

Every now and then we'll get that special dog to remind us of our mission and our name. Nana has done that for us by sharing her GIANT HEART on her coat to let us know she was meant to come to our rescue and be helped by us. Nana will always have a GIANT HEART for Giant Hearts Dog Rescue, Inc

Alyce Oxton President, Director

VACANT Vice President, Director

Elyse Allen Treasurer

Ashley Harrison Secretary

Chad Oxton, Director